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Every Friday, 11 a.m.

Village Ballroom (sponsored by Woodlawn Swap 'n Play)
700 NE Dekum, Portland

The Village Ballroom is huge, tons of room for dancing and acting like monkeys! 
Thanks to the awesome Woodlawn Swap 'n Play for sponsoring this show.  $5 per family.

Saturday, December 27, 4 p.m.

Mississippi Pizza
3552 N. Mississippi Ave., Portland

It's always a blast at Mississippi Pizza.  Normally an Alphabeticians show, this month, Mr. E is out of town, so Mr. Hoo will be joined by his special guests, Matt Clark and Tallulah's Dadd.  $10 per family.

Mr. Hoo with a wazoo eye

Just Who is
this Mr. Hoo?

That is an excellent question, who (or Hoo) indeed?  He is many things.  He is best known as a children's musician, performing mostly in the Portland, OR area by himself and with his band, The Alphabeticians.  Find out more about him in this story KGW did about him.

Mr. Hoo with beard and ukulele

PDX Kids Calendar says about his shows, "Mr. Hoo plays acoustic guitar throughout the show and throws in some kazoo for many of the songs, which is always an attention getter with the kids! The songs are energetic and kids can get up and dance or sing along." And "At the show I am always impressed at how Mr. Hoo is so welcoming to kids joining in on the show . . . and has never objected when kids get on stage to join in on the performance."

Mr. Hoo is also the owner of Kid's Recording Studio, and has produced music for The Alphabeticians, Matt Clark (who even wrote a song about him) as well as many smaller projects.  He can help you with your recording project too!  Whether you want to make recordings of your child singing, or you want to make a recording for children, those are his specialties.  Check out Kid's Recording Studio for more information.

He would also love to perform at your school or day care center, or just about anywhere that kids hang out.  He has a really fun program for schools, which includes making a CD of the kids singing.  And he's available for birthday parties and other special occasions.  Just send an email to kidsrecordingstudio @, or call him at 503-442-1108

He is also known as Jeff Inlay, resident of West Linn, and father to two wonderful boys.  He was born in Hawaii (his middle name is Keoki!), he grew up in Southern California, graduated from Pomona College, drove around the country for 3 months (37 states, with Mr. E), lived in Seattle for 3 years, moved to Portland in 1992 and had been in the area ever since.

He used to perform in a lot of other bands.  The most well known was probably Hummingfish, who played a lot of shows in Portland and the West Coast in the mid-90's.  Their singer, Deb Talan, has gone on to make a name for herself with her solo career and with her band The Weepies.  He also performed in bands with silly names like Two-Dimensional Billy, Lump of Food, Ice Cream Man Beast, Voodoo Fonzarelli, Dry Water (Sand), The Mendicant Sauciers, The Juanitas Experience, Pink Floyd . . .


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